Redundant tasks


The trees can be large and take up lot of memory, so in the beginning of the prototyping the tree didn't belong to some particular entity, but was executed on the entity and the tasks were retrieved. But it ended in the way, where task objects are very similar to node objects, thus are taking similar amount of space.
Are these tasks redundant and the trees should belong to entity and be executed the same way as task are executed now? Or maybe we should redesign task creation system?
It also causes another issue. Some specific behaviors need additional parameters which are passed to the node via constructor. This are then set on the entity which is terribly wrong. It should be set when task is run, but having to write another task objects is kinda ridiculous.
This whole Node->Task approach needs to be redesigned.
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wrote Sep 5, 2008 at 1:06 PM

Resolved with changeset 23781.

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